Focusrite MH445 Liquid Channel

Discount Focusrite MH445 Liquid Channel (LIQUID CHANNEL)


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Category: Live Sound
Sub Category: Signal Processors , Mic Pre-Amps
Manufacturer Part #: LIQUID CHANNEL
UPC: 724643102852
Key Words: 188224 MH445

The Liquid Channel is a revolutionary professional channel strip that can precisely replicate any classic mic-pre and compressor. Combining radical new analog preamp technology with Dynamic Convolution techniques. The Liquid Channel fuses cutting-edge analog design with lightening fast SHARC DSP. Augmented by fully digital controls and optional remote software, The Liquid Channel provides the ultimate fluid vintage collection.Rather than creating a similar sound to vintage units, as with modelling devices, The Liquid Channel precisely replicates their sonic behavior. This is achieved through Dynamic Convolution, the application of a unique, level-dependant set of responses to an audio signal. These measured responses, sampled at numerous levels and with every possible setting combination, are applied to the input stream on a sample-by-sample basis for accurate replication.Mic-pre replication can't be achieved with software alone. Hardware is required in addition to account for the physical interaction with the microphone. As a result, Focusrite invested vast amounts of time and energy into designing and building the ultimate "liquid" preamplifier, able to match the input impedance and signal path transformer or electronic of the device being replicated.Second order harmonic distortion is a beneficial artifact of analog circuits especially tube and transformer-coupled designs providing the much-loved...

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