Giardinelli GS812A Alto Saxophone Black

Discount Giardinelli GS812A Alto Saxophone Black (GS812A)


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Category: Band and Orchestra
Sub Category: Woodwinds , Saxophone , Alto , Professional/Advanced
Manufacturer Part #: GS812A
UPC: 8591278111106

The Giardinelli GS812A alto saxophone is a stunningly beautiful, professional-quality instrument, crafted in Europe to Giardinelli specifications. Body and bell are made of German nickel silver, plated with black nickel, and elaborately hand engraved. Keys are silver-plated with black pearl buttons. It comes with 2 necks-one with black nickel plating, and one made of rose brass with silver-plated finish. Both necks are engraved, have serial numbers to match the horn, and are specifically selected to match the individual characteristics of the instrument. Other features include an adjustable right-hand thumb hook; double key arms for low C, B, Bb keys; articulated low C# key; tilting low Bb spatula; leather pads with metal tone boosters. A superb instrument and priced to make it a remarkable value for an instrument of such fine quality.

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