Gibson Bluegrass The Super Earl Banjo

Discount Gibson Bluegrass The Super Earl Banjo (BGRBEARL1)


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Category: Guitar
Sub Category: Other Stringed Instruments , Banjo Family
Manufacturer Part #: BGRBEARL1
UPC: 711106225272

In honor of Earl Scruggs' monumental career achievements, Gibson has created a new, limited edition, collectible/tribute banjo model: The Earl. The Earl is Gibson's ultimate tribute to the man who virtually reinvented the five-string banjo and brought it from near-obscurity into many different types of music, from traditional fiddle tunes to modern rock styles. Gibson presented the very first "The Earl" to Scruggs in a special ceremony at the Gibson Bluegrass Showcase, home of Gibson's Original Acoustic Instruments division. The instrument features Earl's autograph and a hand-drawn portrait of Earl by world-renowned artist Randall Martin.Binding: Maple binding with marquetry Hardware: Pure silver and silver-plated hardware Finish: Hand-drawn portrait of Earl by world renowned artist Randall Martin Case: Leather case with humidity gauge.

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