Hammond XK-3 Drawbar Keyboard

Discount Hammond XK-3 Drawbar Keyboard (XK-3)


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Category: Keyboards and MIDI
Sub Category: Digital Pianos and Organs , Organs
Manufacturer Part #: XK-3
UPC: 854446000106

The Hammond XK-3 Drawbar Keyboard is the perfect answer to an age-old problem how to get that fabulous B-3 sound without actually lugging a B-3 to your gigs. Hammond took the task upon themselves and created a sophisticated and unique technology that uses digital tone wheels to create a tonal replica of the B-3 that's so accurate even died-in-the-wool B-3 fanatics can't hear the difference. A vacuum tube warms up the signal with continuous level change all the way up to serious overdrive.It's equipped with 12 reverse key presets, 3 sets of drawbars, 2-rotor digital Leslie, and 6-position rotary vibrato/chorus knob all the features you expect to find on a B-3.And the XK-3 does plenty the B-3 never could such as pitch bend/modulation, transpose, and MIDI. programmable patches let you save your own drawbar combinations, MIDI info, and any other settings. At a mere lbs., it won't break your back or your budget.

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