Oram Grand Master Series Al Schmitt Pro-Channel

Discount Oram Grand Master Series Al Schmitt Pro-Channel (GMS)


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Category: Live Sound
Sub Category: Signal Processors , Mic Pre-Amps
Manufacturer Part #: GMS
UPC: 844139000209

The Oram Grand Master Series Al Schmitt Pro-Channel allows you to switch between 3 different mics and gives you 2 mic/line preamps with headroom, a compressor, and a 6-band semi-parametric EQ. It is the result of a collaboration between renowned analog recording gear designer John Oram and Grammy-winning engineer Al Schmitt. Its beautiful front panel and luxurious sound make it worthy of 6 rack spaces in any studio. The switchable, lighted VU meter and high-quality knurled control knobs with detented settings make its function just as delightful as its sound. It's the key to open, detailed, smooth sound that lets each track stand on its own. There are 3 XLR mic/line inputs, an XLR out, power supply connection, and TRS sidechain jacks for I/O.PreampThe Pro-Channel's dual preamp section boasts 23-position, stepped control of up to gain and you can activate phantom power for each XLR input independently, as well as invert phase or temporarily mute the output. The first preamp is transformerless and the second is transformer-balanced.CompressorThe optical compressor has continuously variable threshold control and 11-step attack, release, and ratio controls. It can be used either pre- or post-EQ. The Pro-Channel's compression is soft-knee and transparent with a warm, fluid quality.EQThe 6-band, semi-parametric EQ has frequency, boost/cut, and bypass controls for each channel, plus a global bypass....

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