Radial SGI TX/RX Studio Guitar Interface

Discount Radial SGI TX/RX Studio Guitar Interface (R800 1600)


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Category: Recording
Sub Category: Monitors and Headphones , Monitors , Passive
Manufacturer Part #: R800 1600
UPC: 676101035984

A transmit and receive module allows your guitar signal to travel through of balanced cable to a distant amplifier. The SGI is a unity gain device that features discreet Class-A circuitry and transformer isolation to eliminate ground loops. It also has a Drag Control load correction circuit, DC connection for provided 15VDC supply, and ground lift.The SGI receive module features an XLR input and ground lift. Made from heavy-duty 14-gauge steel with internal I-beam frame and protective zone around switches and connectors. With the SGI, the guitarist can now play the roles of performer, engineer, and producer while saving immeasurable time during the recording process. day warranty on footswitch and tubes. One year warranty on all other products.

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