VocoPro Bravo Pro Karaoke System

Discount VocoPro Bravo Pro Karaoke System (Bravo Pro)


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Category: Karaoke
Sub Category: All-in-one Systems , Professional/Club
Manufacturer Part #: Bravo Pro
UPC: 692868070938

The full-featured, all-in-one VocoPro Bravo Pro Karaoke System is the right step up for your next karaoke extravaganza! The lightweight, compact Bravo packs of power and stereo speakers into a sturdy, attractive wood cabinet you can hand carry to your next performance! And it offers the full complement of digital karaoke features. In addition to the shock-resistant CD+G player, its tape deck allows you to record your performances at any level you choose. In other words, what you hear is what you'll record. The Bravo has a 19-step digital key control to raise or lower pitch without changing the tempo and professional digital echo and delay for dramatic performances. Equipped with 2 mic inputs, RCA audio/video input and output jacks for expandability, and even a built-in RF modulator for TVs without RCA jacks. + maximum power output. Vocal Cancel and Vocal Partner functions to remove main vocal on karaoke CDs and tapes. Includes power supply. 18-1/2"W x 15-1/8"H x 12-1/2"D. lbs. Limited one year parts and labor warranty.

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