VocoPro DVD Duet Karaoke System

Discount VocoPro DVD Duet Karaoke System (DVD-DUET)


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Category: Karaoke
Sub Category: All-in-one Systems , Consumer
Manufacturer Part #: DVD-DUET
UPC: 692868038907

The multiformat VocoPro DVD Duet Karaoke System is just what you need today with so many different disc formats available. VocoPro has combined the Duet, their best-sounding and best-selling semi-pro system with their popular multiformat player, resulting in the new DVD-DUET. It's able to play almost any disc format. You'll be able to sing along with your collection of CD+G and VCD Karaoke CDs, MP3 compilations, or output DVDs to a video monitor. You can even do a slideshow of JPEG photos.The top quality DVD drive is so shock-resistant that the DVD-DUET can be played in moving cars, RVs, planes, and boats 110 or AC adapter required without skipping! As always, there is a 12-step Digital Key Controller, which changes the key of background music from any disc to match the natural range of your voice so you can sound like the pros. The 5-band graphic equalizer enables you to fine tune the tone to fit anyone's taste.There are 2 professional mics and 2 microphone inputs included, each with separate volume controls. So you can sing duets with a perfect mix. The dual cassette deck makes recording your performances or dubbing from one deck to the other simple, and you can use the cassettes, AM/FM tuner, and disc player just like any stereo system.The 4 - 2-way speakers provide a quality stereo sound big enough for most karaoke parties, but VocoPro left you room for expansion, too. Want more power for... Limited one year parts and labor warranty.

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