Yamaha AW2400 All-in-One Recording Package

Discount Yamaha AW2400 All-in-One Recording Package (KIT245017)


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Category: Recording
Manufacturer Part #: KIT245017

This complete recording package includes a Yamaha AW2400 24-track audio workstation, MXL large-diaphragm condenser mic, a stereo pair of MXL condenser mics, Sennheiser HD Pro closed-back headphones, 2 Yamaha HS80M 8" powered studio monitors, BBE Sonic Maximizer, 3 black fixed-boom tripod mic stands, 3 - 20' Lo-Z mic cables, 2 LiveWire 10' Advantage Series 1/4" Straight instrument cables, 2 Monster Cable 3-meter approx. 10' Studio Link Interconnect TRS M - TRS M cables, and one ProMedia CD-R AW2400 24-Track Audio Workstation 16-input/24-track system records top-quality uncompressed 16-bit or 24-bit audio at or 12 tracks when recording 24-bit audio. 8 virtual tracks per physical track 26 x 8 in 16-bit mode and a hard drive provide plenty of capacity for alternate takes. Moving faders, a 02r96 based mixing engine, and a suite of powerful DSP effects offer pro-level performance. USB 2.0 compatibility and a mini-YGDAI card slot interface with virtually any pro gear. MXL Large-Diaphragm Condenser Mic The MXL Mic delivers the dynamic range required for the most demanding applications. It has an airy, open sound with low self-noise essential for accurate digital recording. 20Hz-20kHz range. 10dB switchable attenuation. Selectable -10dB low-frequency roll-off. Large brass enclosure. Custom wired internally with premium Mogami cable....

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