dbx 786 Precision Microphone Preamp

Discount dbx 786 Precision Microphone Preamp (DBX786)


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Category: Live Sound
Sub Category: Signal Processors , Mic Pre-Amps
Manufacturer Part #: DBX786
UPC: 691991400308

In addition to having phantom power as well as a phase reverse switch, the also features a patent-pending EQ circuit-Spectrum-with frequency cut and boost up to An 11-position coarse gain switch sets the gain between +10 and while the fine gain control varies between -3 and +3dB. Levels may be monitored on peak-program VU meters with adjustable reference levels. The signal path consists of a transformer-coupled, discrete-design premium input stage utilizing the proprietary dbx M8 Mic Pre-Amp Module.Spectrum enhances the high-frequency spectral content of the signal while maintaining phase integrity. The "Detail" control varies the amount of high-frequency shelving boost at the frequency determined by the Spectrum control. The combination of the Spectrum and Detail controls allow pristine high-frequency equalization adjustments without the added hash of traditional high-frequency EQ topologies. The is built with the finest electronic components incuding precision 0.1% and 1% metal film resistors; great-sounding temperature stable polypropylene capacitors; high-reliability board-to-board connectors with gold-palladium-nickel contacts; Jensen transformers; gold-plated Neutrik XLRs; rare earth magnet relays with gold contacts in a hermetically sealed nitrogen environment; and military-grade glass epoxy circuit boards. They all combine to create one of the most technologically... 2 year warranty for products purchased from Musician's Friend, with the exception of the series.

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