RSQ NEO-E500 Karaoke Player

Discount RSQ NEO-E500 Karaoke Player (NEO-E500)


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Category: Karaoke
Sub Category: Players/Decoders , Players Only
Manufacturer Part #: NEO-E500
UPC: 187586000003

The RSQ NEO-E500 Multiformat Player DVD/CD+G Karaoke Player is packed with lots of great features like key control and direct access buttons for fast song access. This player is designed for regular karaoke use as well as DVD entertainment and it will play all popular disc formats.The NEO-E500 has the quickest loading time in its class. This is one of the few players that offers a direct access key that enables you to skip to any DVD chapter bypassing the introduction screen. The unit is perfect for KJ/DJs or serious singers who need to operate a disc player with or without a remote control.NEO+G is a revolutionary karaoke disc format that offers the same sound quality and graphics as a CD+G with many added advantages. NEO+G discs uses compression to hold many more songs than standard CD+G discs up to per disc. The NEO-E500 maintains compatibility with the CD+G format however, so you may still play your CD+G karaoke discs. Other advantages of the NEO+G include: song lists display on screen; ability to search song lists while someone is performing; capability of programming songs; displays reserved song onscreen; skips silent intros of songs; rewind, fast forward and pause without scrambling onscreen text.Compatible with the following disk types: CDG/NEO+G/DVD/SVCD/DVCD/VCD/CD/CDR/CD-RW/MP3 Video Format: DVD/MPEG2/VCD/MPEG1 Audio Format: MPEG1/MPEG2/PCM/DOLBY/DTS/5.1 Signal Output: Audio: 5.1...

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