Fox Model 220 Renard Bassoon

Discount Fox Model 220 Renard Bassoon (220)


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Category: Band and Orchestra
Sub Category: Woodwinds , Bassoon
Manufacturer Part #: 220
UPC: 889406021525
Key Words: 462094 7498 BASSOON MODEL

The Fox Model Renard Bassoon is in the key of C. Black maple body, full German system plus high D and E keys, long bore. Other features include linings in the wing joint and small bore of the boot joint, French bell metal ring, body lock, nickel silver keys with silverplating, ring key for wing joint third finger hole, rollers on F, Ab, Eb, Db, right thumb Bb and F#, in combination with a crowned E key, and Bb guard. A-440 tuning plus or minus one cent. The design is very flexible and may be used as high as A-443. Fox includes a case, cover, and #2 and #3 CVX bore bocals with your Model bassoon.

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