CreamWare B4000 ASB B3 Emulator

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Category: Keyboards and MIDI
Sub Category: Digital Pianos and Organs , Organs
Manufacturer Part #: 58 0054 1
UPC: 00889406071766
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The B4000 ASB does away with the barrier between sophisticated state-of-the-art software and an instrument to be tormented by the performer's hands, just like in the good old days. Software? Yes. Computer? No. Instrument? Definitely! Creamware was not satisfied with just recording and replaying the sound of the B3. With static samples? Unthinkable!Instead, the greatest Hammond of all was meticulously examined. Each and every single one of the tone wheels, the analog circuits, the interactions between organ and Leslie, the key click, the crosstalk of the choruses even when all the drawbars are off all of this and more was scrutinized down to the most minute detail. The product is a Hammond sound as itshould be: lively, authentic, heavy. Close your eyes and use your ears. Not to mention the fact you won't have to drag pounds onto the stage.If you want an organ sound sending shivers down your spine, a Leslie cabinet is a must. This is why the B4000 ASB incorporates one. Not a real one, of course, but you ll notice the difference. It has bass and treble speakers with separate settings for variable rotation speeds and accelerations, independent pickup microphones for the individual speakers, Doppler effect everything you need right at your fingertips.Just for kicks, you can also give your organ the sound of a road-scarred veteran. What about using tone wheels that are ten years old? Or fifty years old?... day labor/one year parts warranty against defects.

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