Gibson Bluegrass Granada Hearts and Flowers Banjo

Discount Gibson Bluegrass Granada Hearts and Flowers Banjo (BGGARASG1)


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Category: Guitar
Sub Category: Other Stringed Instruments , Banjo Family
Manufacturer Part #: BGGARASG1
UPC: 711106220055

Made with Gibson's original metal composition for the tone ring, hand-engraved metal parts, and traditional construction with beautiful lacquer finishes and expertly inlaid decoration. The Gibson Granada offers you the ultimate in banjo tone, beauty, and craftsmanship. It was the Granada that first introduced the crisp, clear, ringing sound of a solid maple resonator to the Gibson line in and it has remained the player's choice ever since. Earl Scruggs wrote the bluegrass book on a Gibson Granada, and it is the favorite of modern stylists as well. This is a breathtaking instrument to behold. The neck and resonator are made of highly figured maple and finished in a rich amber-brown lacquer that shows the fine woodgrain to best advantage. Its dark rosewood fingerboard is delicately inlaid with abalone hearts and flowers. The resonator is trimmed front and back with multiple binding. All of its hardware is 24k gold plate and beautifully engraved by hand. It comes in a deluxe Gibson case with a cloth shroud cover inside for added instrument protection. A combination lock keeps unwanted handlers at bay. Click on Private Reserve at left for detailed pictures.

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